GIMSIX's Identity

Our Values, Clients and Team

Our Values - Our DNA

We are a consultancy firm focused on Investment Management Technologies. Our goal is to be at the forefront of technology integration and operation services for our clients.


As independent and unbiased third-party advisors, our consultants are adept at asking the questions that matter most to a complex implementation project.

Solution Driven

Our promise is straightforward: to support our client towards a successful SimCorp Dimension implementation by helping them make timely and informed decisions and by delivering long-term solutions.

Business Expertise

We combine business expertise alongside technical expertise, therefore we help our clients understand the complexity behind the implementations, help them make the right decisions and develop the proposed solution.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is key to our business and to our growth. We share that knowledge with our clients and among our consultants.

Long term relationships

By establishing long-term asset relationships, we understand our clients business and operating framework, therefore we can formulate better recommendations and provide post-implementation support.

Clients we serve in the Investment Management Industry

Fund Managers
Investment Management Servicers
Pension Funds
Wealth Managers
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Asset Managers
Investment Management Consultancies